Thursday, July 21, 2011

Yatala Pies

Today we headed down to Yatala Pies. H has been talking them up quite a bit so I was expecting something pretty good...and they certainly didn't disappoint! We shared a steak and mushroom with mash and mushy peas and the special of the day - Lamb coconut curry. Then for dessert we couldn't resist the custard tart with apple- yummo!
Yatala Steak & Mushroom pie with mushy peas & mash

The daily special: Yatala Lamb Coconut Curry pie

Yatala Steak & Mushroom pie with mushy peas & mash

Yatala Lamb Coconut Curry pie

Yatala Custard Tart with Apple

Friday, July 15, 2011

A snowpea isn't a course...but one scallop is

Sunkee BBQ Seafood House
352-354 Chapel Street
South Yarra

We bought the infamous 10 course banquet voucher from and booked a Friday night dinner at Sunkee hoping to have a lovely banquet. Before heading to the restaurant I read some reviews on Urbanspoon and was a bit dissapointed to find out that our ten courses would simply be ten pieces of food.

Upon arriving we ordered some wine and waited for the first course...and kept waiting for 35 minutes before asking the waiter why other diners who had arrived after us were being served the first course of their banquet while we went hungry. It turned out that they had been served our first course by mistake by a waitress who had just started work at Sunkee that day. Not happy..
When our first plate finally arrived after 40 minutes it was good, but we were so hungry that two courses were devoured in two seconds.

First up was a pork dumpling and ginger scallop (that's 2 courses).

Next was the Lobster San Choi Bow that we'd missed out on initially (3 courses). The lobster was lovely but the lettuce cup had been trimmed so much that you couldn't roll it at all and the filling kept falling out.

Then the chicken and sweet corn soup (4). Nice but such a small bowl :-(

Next was a wasabi prawn, some kind of battered and deep fried white fish and a snowpea. I was debating whether this brought us up to 6 or 7 courses...surely a snowpea can't count as a course...

Next up was a peking duck pancake - it was lovely but we were preoccupides with whether we were up to 7 or 8??)

Then came some szechuan chicken and a broccoli floret (will this be 8 or 9?? Please let it be 8, I'm still starving!!)

Then the waiter advised us that next would come some special fried rice (I guess that's 9) then dessert. Thank God the snowpea wasn't going to be counted as a course.

Dessert was a deliciously sweet toffee apple fritter and ice cream (that's 10..)

All in all the meal was nice but nowhere near enough to claim that it's a 10 course banquet worth $120. The staff were friendly but many mistakes were made. After having our san choi bow served to another table we almost got served the soup twice (and three other tables also had plates delivered only to turn the waitress away because they had already had that course..)