Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Market Street Cafe

Whenever we have a hankering for a chicken schnitty roll for lunch we head to the Market Street Cafe...and today I realised that we may have been doing this a bit too often as the lovely lady behind the counter started rattling off our preferences (avo on one side, mayo on the other, lettuce, cheese and tomato on one but not the other - she did well to remember all that!)

There are tables outside and also plenty of seating downstairs (including couches) and they are happy to bring your order to your table when it's freshly made.

Market Street Cafe
30 Market St
Brisbane Queensland 4000

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

AJ Vietnamese Noodle House

I first heard about this place on The Nutrition Guru and the Chef's blog last year and couldn't believe it was just up the road from work and I'd never noticed it. I hightailed it up Charlotte St and was lucky enough to get a table. I got the Beef Noodle Soup and was hooked.

I've been back loads of times and have tried the Special Noodle Soup (be prepared for some less than common ingredients in this one!), Spring Rolls, Hainam Chicken Rice, Rice Vermicelli Salad with Grilled Chicken (delicious) and today I had the Combination Noodle Soup. Every dish has been excellent and great value for money.

There are about 10 tables inside and it's often full but tables turn over pretty quickly and they also do takeaway. There are often throngs of people waiting on the street for a table or takeaway because it is definitely worth the wait..

It's cash only so make sure you have cold hard cash and a healthy appetite.

On my next visit I'm going to try the BBQ Pork Wonton Noodle Soup, is two visits in two days an addiction??

Combination Noodle Soup

 Hainam Chicken Rice

 Rice Vermicelli Salad with Grilled Chicken

70 Charlotte St
Brisbane Queensland 4000

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ramekins Cafe

We were craving hash browns so headed out to Ramekins for a leisurely Saturday breakfast and were quite surprised at how busy they were. We managed to snag a table and ordered coffee and two Big Breakfasts and added some avocado and Hollandaise sauce.

The first thing I always do when my poached eggs arrive is to cut into them and pray that they will be perfectly oozy and delicious. Unfortunately both eggs were almost completely solid and there was not a runny yolk in sight. My avocado was turning black so I sent it back but luckily the rest of the breakfast was delicious.

Maybe on a quieter day they would be less frantic and the poachies would be nice and runny...perhaps one day I'll return to find out. Until then I'll continue my search for the best breakfast in Brisvegas.

Skinny Cap

Big Breakfast with Avo

3.0 star rating
Ramekins Cafe
735 Beams Rd
Carseldine Queensland 4034

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Arrivederci Pizzeria

Monday Madness at Arriverderci is well worth a visit - 25cm pizzas for $12 and $5 tap beers.

We won tickets for the Broncos v Tigers game and decided to grab a quick pizza for dinner beforehand. We didn't have a booking but we were greeted warmly and seated, given water and menus and they explained the Monday Madness deal. You can't go past $12 for a 25cm pizza so we grabbed a Pizza alla Diavola (Tomato, cheese, salami, olives, mushrooms, chilli & tobasco) and Forza Roma (Tomato, cheese, salami, Italian sausage, ham & bacon) as well as a couple of beers.

Both pizzas were delicious. The italian sausage on the Forza Roma was lovely with a hint of fennel? They also have 50cm and 1m pizzas which looked awesome. Perfect for a group to share.

Forza Roma
Pizza alla Diavola

1 Park Rd
Milton Queensland 4064

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Siam Dragon

We had a voucher for all you can eat Thai at Siam Dragon and decided on a hump day date night. We had planned to have light lunches to make sure we could make the most of the feast which lay before us...hmmm, best laid plans often go astray...a colleague won 10 free Guzman y Gomez burritos and after being crazy busy I finally got to eat one for my lunch at about 2:30. Needless to say I was not very hungry when we arrived for dinner at 6pm.

We were greeted, seated and watered and the waitress explained what our voucher entitled us entree each, one soup or salad each and anything from the curries, stir fries, noodles and rice menus. Not a bad deal.

Siam Dragon wont be getting any points for the decor or views, with bright green painted walls and a view of the Sandgate Rd intersection, but they are in a handy spot opposite Nundah Village and walking distance from the station.

We chose the Chicken Satay and Curry Puffs to start. The satay sticks were well cooked and the satay sauce was just right, not too rich. The curry puffs were a little oily but still quite nice. Next we both decided on Tom Kha Gai. I'm a big fan of the more traditional white version so the red soup we were served was not what I was expecting/craving. For my taste there was too much tomato (four large tomato wedges in a smallish bowl) but it was still tasty and spicy enough to clear the sinuses!

For mains we ordered Gai Pad Med Ma-muang (Chicken with cashews) and a Beef Penang Curry with a side of Jasmine Rice. The stir fry was quite nice, not too much sauce and plenty of cashews but the curry was definitely my favourite. It was a delicious creamy curry with thin slices of tender beef with plenty of green beans & red capsicum. Unfortunately we were so full by that stage and could only finish about half and when we asked if we would take the leftovers home they refused...even though the couple at the next table had just been given a take away container for theirs..maybe it's because we had a voucher deal??

Update: We were pretty happy with the meal but we both felt a bit unwell afterwards and today...who can say if it was definitely the meal or a coincidence but I might give Siam Dragon a miss next time I'm craving Thai.

2.0 star rating

Siam Dragon
1154 Sandgate Rd
Nundah Queensland 4012