Saturday, January 17, 2015

Putia Pure Food

I had high hopes for Putia and on first glance it's a lovely cafe with a great menu and gorgeous courtyard, but it was let down by hard poached eggs...those words should never be uttered in the same sentence.

Our orders were taken and the coffees arrived promptly but we had to ask for sugar as there was none on the table and none offered. It was the same story with salt and pepper, they would benefit from setting the tables first up to save repeated requests for the basics.

Gympie bacon with poached eggs, relish and wilted greens

We ordered the Gympie bacon with poached eggs, relish and wilted greens and asked for soft poached eggs. Unfortunately we were served hard poached eggs, and I mean hard dry pale yolks like a hard boiled egg. Very disappointed... When we mentioned this to our waitress there was no offer to cook the eggs again but they did offer to bring free drinks. The juice they brought was nice but it couldn't satisfy my craving for runny yolks..

This is not a runny poached egg

Overall the rest of the food was really nice. If they could cook eggs I would happily rate them higher but there is no excuse for hard poached eggs coming out of a professional kitchen. With no offer to cook them again I can only comment on what I received and will be steering clear of Putia from now on.

Update: I reviewed this business on Yelp and Urbanspoon and the manager replied on Urbanspoon which I respect as it shows that they are serious about connecting with diners and addressing any issues. Unfortunately it appears that his staff lied to him and advised him that they had offered to replace the eggs but as I'd almost finished them it was too late. But I hadn't even taken a bite out of my breakfast when I spoke to the waitress and there was no offer of replacing my eggs. Only an offer of a drink. It's such a shame that the staff are lying to their manager as this doesn't help solve minor kitchen and service issues which are easily fixable.